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Rebranding creativity aims to change the perception of creativity in our region, and to reclaim creative thinking as the crucial life skill for building a better future together.

For more than 20 years now, Creativity has been recognized around the world as a crucial skill for building a better future – in business, education, and society. 

The World Economic Forum lists complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity as the first 3 skills we need to thrive in 2020

After more than 60 years of study and practice, today we see applied creativity being used for developing better leaders, better educational systems, better societies. Still, Creativity has a serious brand problem in our part of the world. We mostly see it as being a virtue of the few – a divine gift. We praise the creative class, over the creative process. Rebranding Creativity is here to change this for good.


What is different at an Applied Creativity Conference? In a word: everything.

Applied Creativity and Innovation Conferences done right (i.e. Creative-Problem-Solving Institute or Creativity Expert Exchange in USA; Mindcamp in Canada and Chile, or CREA Conference in Italy) are highly interactive, profoundly educational, lively and fun.

Hereby are 3 key principles of such conferences:


our story:

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In April 2017, Matei Schwartz and Andreea Nițoi became the first and only two Romanian-based to ever participate and deliver a creativity session during CREA Italy – the 15th annual edition of the largest Creativity Conference in Europe. They felt lonely.

Matei signed up for one of the advanced Creative Problem Solving 3-day sessions, to further develop his practice. Before the first day was about to start, one of his facilitators told him that he wasn’t the only Romanian to sign up for the session. There was hope. Later, Matei met Iulia Lazăr during the session. Indeed, she was Romanian – but she had left our country some years ago, and was part of the Open Innovation team at an energy company based in Rome, Italy. Matei, Andreea, and Iulia started talking after hours.

Fast forward to December 2017, the three already partnered with 5 other professionals in Romania and developed a professional association to promote Creativity in our part of the world. Their dream was to build a strong creative community in the CEE market. And to further develop the foundation, train the right people, and hope to influence the right policy makers, in order to later rebrand the CEE region as a world-class creativity and innovation hub – with its epicenter in Bucharest, the capital of Romania.


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