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Applied Creativity & Innovation Conferences done right (i.e. Creative-Problem-Solving Institute or Creativity Expert Exchange in USA; Mindcamp in Canada and Chile, or CREA Conference in Italy) are highly interactive, profoundly educational, lively and fun. They lead to:


According to the World Economic Forum, by 2020 creativity will become one of the top three skills working professionals will need to survive the fourth industrial revolution.

Six years ago, IBM conducted a study among 1.500 Fortune500 CEOs which concluded that the number one skill for leadership in the future is creativity.

Five years ago, a report conducted by EY in more than 50 countries revealed that creative thinking is directly and proportionally linked to the profitability of an organization.

In 2018, McKinsey published a report that shows the direct correlation between fostering creativity in an organization and business growth.

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Join us for 2 days of practical training in creativity, innovation, and change leadership!