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Our Applied Creativity Sessions are grouped into five tracks: Life, Design, Education, Business, and Social. Each track includes a surprise, undisclosed, Applied Creativity Sprint Session, facilitated by one of our creative-thinking and innovation experts.

After you purchase your ticket, you will be invited to choose your track; please keep in mind that each workshop allows for a limited number of 20 participants. However, you shouldn't be disappointed if the track you desire is fully booked — while the problems, contexts and examples you will work with are representative for each track, the frameworks, methodologies, and tools have universal application.

Moreover, each conference day will end with a curated group feedback session, where participants will have the opportunity to find out key takeaways from the other simoultaneous sessions.

Scroll down to discover the sessions included in every track.


Building a creative operating system

3 hours session facilitated by Ismet Mamnoon

Creativity is equal parts “being” and “doing.” In this workshop, participants will practice and play with ways in which they might build their creative operating system in order to embrace the power of “being” creative.


1.5 hours session facilitated by Ismet Mamnoon

Stories are powerful means of connecting and communicating human experience. In this session participants will learn how to distill stories for insights that can form the basis of a change strategy that is both human-centered, and effective.

Postmodernist Blended Creativity

1.5 hours session facilitated by Mihai Svasta

Experiment two creative-thinking methods inspired by postmodernist art. Although born in the world of ideas and concepts, they can be used in innovation — from industry and services, to the production of radical new ideas.



T-shaped Creative: Mindsets, Methods, Collaboration

3 hours session facilitated by Emilian Cartis

”The great power of designers relies on being T-shaped” is the philosophy Bill Moggride (IDEO) was emphasizing in his mentoring. Alongside vertical skills, designers develop horizontal, integrative skills that connect them to others. How can we be more effective at interconnecting with others and forming great teams? We will use Design Thinking methods to learn about each other’s leadership/team experience, and envision methods to better connect within teams, across disciplines and society divides. 


How to Prototype and Test in order to deliver Value to your Customer

3 hours session facilitated by Alexandra Coșcovelniță

In this session, we will experience the iterative nature of the Design Thinking process, through Fast Prototyping and Customer Interactions.



Play for Purpose

3 hours session facilitated by Ian Rosenfeldt

Play is essential for learning. In this interactive and multisensory session, you will explore communication skills, collaboration, and emotional agility through guided puzzle-play with The Empathy Toy. Come see how play is really just trial and learn!


Forth Innovation

3 hours session facilitated by Magda Ropotan

Effectively learning about innovation should start with the process - and FORTH Innovation Method has been successfully used by renowned organisations both for delivering innovation and as an educational approach in the field of innovation. In this session, we will get a glimpse of the FORTH Innovation process and understand how it addresses the typical challenges at the start of innovation, how it creates the right mindset, drives engagement and how it effectively delivers on a given challenge.



Foundations of Creative Problem Solving

3 hours session facilitated by Edouard le Marechal

Gain a deeper understanding of the creative-problem-solving process, and learn how to use it in order to find innovative solutions to complex problems — by yourself, or together with your team..

Future Organizations

1.5 hours session facilitated by Ingrid de Clercq

The way organizations are managed seems increasingly out of date; a new form of leadership is needed, and even new organizational structures & practices. But what is that structure exactly, and can it really happen? This workshop gives a little bit of theory, engaging exercises and first-hand experience.

Think like a Start-up game

1.5 hours session facilitated by Lăcrămioara Loghin

Explore and design your business in 90 minutes with the Startup Canvas — a design driven framework, and process that will show users how to align values with organisational models, culture, propositions, business model and customer values and goals.



Ideas lab for social innovation

3 hours session facilitated by Ingrid de Clercq

Social innovation can be a fluffy topic, but we can make it concrete by starting from a real-life case. We will interview an NGO staff member about a challenge they are working on. We will clarify the challenge, generate lots of ideas to solve it, evaluate solutions, and propose an implementation plan. 

Design driven city

1.5 hours session facilitated by Andrei Carcea & Răzvan Pătrașcu

We believe each citizen is a potential designer that can be empowered to bring change in the quality of public services — so, in this session we will focus on urban mobility, and use ideation tools to come up with ideas for a better service for the touristic Bus in Brașov.

Social Intrapreneurship

1.5 hours session facilitated by Emanuele Musa & Ruxandra Creoșteanu

Learn to build a culture of intrapreneurship and purpose driven organization within your company. Find out how you can drive innovation and human-centered leadership, while creating a more sustainable business and a great place to work. 


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