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Rebranding creativity aims to change the perception of creativity in our region, and to reclaim creative thinking as the crucial life skill for building a better future together.

For more than 20 years now, Creativity has been recognized around the world as a crucial skill for building a better future – in business, education, and society. 

The World Economic Forum lists complex problem solving, critical thinking, and creativity as the first 3 skills we need to thrive in 2020

After more than 60 years of study and practice, today we see applied creativity being used for developing better leaders, better educational systems, better societies. Still, Creativity has a serious brand problem in our part of the world. We mostly see it as being a virtue of the few – a divine gift. We praise the creative class, over the creative process. Rebranding Creativity is here to change this for good.

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Are you in a leadership position or do you aspire to one day become a leader in your organization and/or in your practice? Are you involved in education and aspire to change the system for the better? Are you involved at any level in influencing public policies and the public sector? This conference is for you!

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Professionals who work in large companies or SME’s, that are interested in collaboration and innovation; professionals who lead/manage teams, that are interested in improving problem-solving processes, performance and communications across their teams.

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Education professionals, representing public or private schooling systems, from primary to graduate and executive level, that are interested in creativity, innovation, change leadership. People from the non-governmental sector, interested in the subject matter.

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Professionals representing governmental or non-governmental institutions that are interested in or are actively involved in changing public policies.


At the Rebranding Creativity Conference in Bucharest, we do not invite Speakers, but Facilitators. Even though our guests are world-class innovation consultants, creativity experts, and professors of creativity and change leadership, they are not the stars.


Our world-class guest facilitators:

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Gerard Puccio, Ph.D

World-class Creativity Expert


Dorte Nielsen

Global Creative Education Expert

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Edouard le Marechal

Global Innovation Consultant

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Ingrid Declercq

Expert, People Side of Innovation

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Ian Rosenfeldt

Global Innovation Consultant

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Ismet Mamnoon

Social Innovation Expert and Facilitator

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Creativity and Innovation Conferences done right are highly interactive, profoundly educational, lively and fun. They provide:   

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Our Applied Creativity Sessions are grouped into five tracks: Life, Design, Education, Business, and Social. Each track includes a surprise, bonus Applied Creativity Sprint Session, facilitated by one of our creative-thinking and innovation experts.

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Join us for 1.5 days of training, networking, and fun!